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Portable Stroboscope

Portable Stroboscope

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Subject Portable Stroboscope
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Detailed Product Description

LED Stroboscope Set
This is a simple but very useful and wonderful kit for all users, it contents a LED signal light and a pair(red and black) of needle probes. It can work independently, no need to connect to multi-meter.

The LED signal light with standard 4mm male banana plug, can be applied with multi-meter, or work individually. These LED's can glow either red or green depending on the polarity of their connection.  If we connect the RED end to positive, and black end to the negative, it will be GREEN. Otherwise, it will be RED. It can be used for checking trigger pulses, supplies, grounds etc.
This Signal Tester is very useful for checking the pulsing signals of the electric control systems. Its LED light will blink according to the signals it received.

Detecting the injection pulse signal

Some examples of pulse signals can be detected from Hall Effect sensor, injectors, photoelectric sensors, transmission gear electromagnetic valves, control signals, etc.

It can also be used to detect the power (+) side of the circuit.

This needle probe is very useful due to its fine needle contact. It can reach small or tight openings and for piecing through the insulation without noticeable damage the outer insulation.

Needle probe used at the sensor connector end

Due to its hardened and sharp metal pointed end, please be careful when inserting or piecing the wire to avoid injuring your fingers.
Issue Time:   2019-09-11
Expire Time:   2020-05-05

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