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Glass Connector

Glass Connector

Selling Parameters

Subject Glass Connector
Item No. D107、D204、D304
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Construction > Door,Window Accessories > Bathroom Hardwares

Detailed Product Description

1. Specification (mm) :
Made by stainless steel、brass、zinc alloy
Suitable: 8-10mm glass
Type: square bevel 135 degree double side open glass door clamp.
The link between the one-way glass door and glass can be slotted simple installation.
Plane bathroom glass door in the glass and glass connected for page (commonly known as 180 degree for page).

2. ITEM No.: D107
Size: W42mm*L90mm*H20.5mm + W55mm*L90mm*H20.5mm
C/C: 56mm
Load capacity: 30kg

3. ITEM No.: D204
Size: W42mm*L90mm*H23.8mm + W52mm*L90mm*H23.8mm
C/C: 58mm
Load capacity: 30kg

4. ITEM No.: D304
Size: W55mm*L90mm*H20.5mm + W55mm*L90mm*H20.5mm
C/C: 58mm
Load capacity: 30kg

Issue Time:   2023-05-30
Expire Time:   2023-06-12

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