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Thumb Splint

Thumb Splint

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Subject Thumb Splint
Item No. SP-80100
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Categories Sports,Leisure > Sports Safety > Thumb Supports

Detailed Product Description

Power-Wrap Silicone Thumb Stabilizer-Adjustable-
This thumb stabilizer is made of Bodyvine’s Silprene™ material , a low profile but strong and elastic silicone sandwiched material. The cooperation of Silprene material and adjustable design provides snugly fit over the lower thumb and wrist area with energizing compression and support. “Stability thumb straps” provide additional support and partial restriction to the thumb movements and allow resting for those overused, inflamed joints and tendons. Soft silicone gel pad can also gently compress and comfort these painful joints and tendons. Perfect for thumb and wrist strains, sprains, tendonitis, mild arthritis.


Step 1: The brace is already in a loop form. Do not untie the Velcro. Put on the brace directly with your thumb passing through the small hole.
Step 2: Pull the right strap toward right and hook to the brace.
Step 3: Pull the left strap toward left and hook to the brace. Repeat Step 2 and 3 couple times to reach the compression level you desire for your wrist.
Step 4: Pull “Stability thumb straps” with force to get the desired compression and then hook to the brace .
Step 5: Pull the rest two end straps one by one to get the additional compression and stability you desire and hook to the brace.
Step 6: Finished look.

Fabric:59% Nylon、9% Spandex、32% Polyester
Gel:100% Silicone


Issue Time:   2019-04-16
Expire Time:   2019-06-08

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