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Electronic Precipitator

Electronic Precipitator

Selling Parameters

Subject Electronic Precipitator
Item No. 1-3 EAN-400
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Environment > Other Environment > Electrostatic Precipitator

Detailed Product Description

Applications For Use Include: 
oil and oil mist, restaurant grease, rubber and tar smoke, welding smoke, asphalt smoke vacuum pump smoke, textile dust, burn rooms, casting and furnace smoke, plasticizer smoke, photo lab and glass molding smoke

Model no.: EAN-400
Size (mm): 1167 x 520 x 647
Weight (kg): 100
Exhaust outlet (mm): 900x 481
Material unit: steel with power coated; steel stainless (optional)
Size of collector cell (mm): 470 x 325 x 465
No. of pre-filter: x 2
No. of collector cell: x 2
Plug-in power cord for easy electrical connection
Electrical supply: 220 - 240V, 50/60 Hz for international use.
Heat exchanger equipped cool down unit temperature
No filter replacement cost.
Spiked Ionizing type plate (optional)
Efficiency rate: 95% above, 99% for double pass
Issue Time:   2020-08-09
Expire Time:   2021-04-27

Keywords: Electrostatic Precipitator  Electronic Precipitator   

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