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box-type transformer

box-type transformer

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Subject box-type transformer
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Detailed Product Description

Dry Type Transformer is a 3 phase, indoor, insusceptibility to moisture, compact, common core and electrostatically shielded designed to provide a separately derived power  source for computer and telecommunication equipment application.
Its function is to absorb and reduce the harmonics generated by the equipments and to protect them from electrical noise and transient in the common modes. Due to isolation, there is no direct electrical connection between the primary and secondary within the transformer.

Widely applied in various switching power supplies and high-frequency electronic equipment.
Main transformer, drive transformer and auxiliary transformer in the switching power supplies DC/DC converter, monitor, television set, electronic devices,DC/DC converte and etc.
Issue Time:   2021-04-20
Expire Time:   2021-11-27


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