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Box-Type Substation

Box-Type Substation

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Subject Box-Type Substation
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Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Electrical Equipment > Box Type Transformer

Detailed Product Description

The top of cabinet use double-decker, with good performance for heat insulation, radiation protection and ventilation. Each chamber is separated by iron plate respectively. Each room has illumination, as well as ventilation system for adjusting the inside temperature.

This series combined transformer is designed according to domestic urban and rural power grids, referring to the same type of foreign products. It develops its own kind of self-protection features to meet users’ requirements, and set the low voltage side of the energy metering, and reactive power compensation shunt feed. This series products are widely used in the residential area, business center,factories and mines, airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools and other places.
Issue Time:   2021-04-20
Expire Time:   2021-11-27

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