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Box Type Substation

Box Type Substation

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Subject Box Type Substation
Item No. 6
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Electrical Equipment > Box Type Transformer

Detailed Product Description

  1. Small size, fast installation, low noise, low loss, completely-self-protected, simple maintenance, high cost-effective etc.
  2. Transformer without external shell.
  3. Put load switch and fuse in the transformer oil tank.
  4. Composed of up and down oil tank and switchgear.
  5. Equipped with short phase protection devices.
  6. Compact structure, flexible configuration and perfect functions.
  7. The house material use steel plate coated with aluminum and zinc reinforce water plate and so on.
  8. Color choosing available, coordinate with surrounding.

Application: High-frequency transformer usually used in PC power supply, communication power supply transformer, industrial frequency converter, etc.
Issue Time:   2021-04-20
Expire Time:   2021-11-27

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