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Distribution Transformer Substation

Distribution Transformer Substation

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Subject Distribution Transformer Substation
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Detailed Product Description

  1. All kinds of input voltages and output voltages are accepted, and all kinds of capacities are shown in the following data sheet. All technical data can be custom made.
  2. The combination transformer substation, also known as box-type Transformer, is a whole compact distribution equipment which combine with High-voltage Switch Cabinet, Low volume Distribution Panel, Distribution Transformer and other systems of energy measurement and power compensation.
  3. High-voltage main switch uses import or domestic pneumatic and vacuum high-voltage load switch. The distribution transformer uses good quality omniseal power transformer or Epoxy resin isolation dry type power transformer.
  4. The top of cabinet is with steel plate clamp rock wool structure which has ventilation duct. It can reduce the solar radiation effectively and ensure the heat dissipation. The surface of whole cabinet shell sprays special primer and paint which has strong anticorrosion ability.
Issue Time:   2021-04-20
Expire Time:   2021-11-27

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