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Combined Transformer

Combined Transformer

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Subject Combined Transformer
Item No. 3
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Electrical Equipment > Box Type Transformer

Detailed Product Description

Features & Cautions:
  1. Excellent dynamic thermal stability and high anti-lightning impulse capability.
  2. Advanced technology and craft result in much excellent performance.
  3. Simulation analysis is carried out for core mould designs to avoid cavity resonance and reduce noise level greatly. Lightning impulse wave simulation calculation and analysis are carried for the HV coils to improve transformer's anti-lightning impulse capability.
  4. There must be two men to shake the electrical insulation resistance measurement.
  5. Do not touch the transformer before charge-discharge.
  6. Please avoid the reverse power transmission to transformer and power transmission to running busbar.
  7. The maintenance men should wear insulating shoes and insulating gloves on job.
  8. False switching is strictly prohibited.
  9. Range of application: it is highly applicable for industrial power generation, power distribution facilities, airport´╝îhospital´╝îlike offshore oil-drilling platforms etc.
Issue Time:   2021-04-20
Expire Time:   2021-11-27

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