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Butt Welding Machine

Butt Welding Machine

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Steel strip butt welding machine
  1. Function: In continuous processing line, when the existing coil is going to run out, the end of existing coil must be welded together with the head of new coil .The butt welding machine is required to accomplish this work.
  2. The special features of our steel strip butt welding machine
    • One parallel knife is applied to cut the tail of existing coil and head of new coil simultaneously.
    • The welding gap could be adjusted according to the strip thickness. The gap is always parallel and evenly. So, The MIG or welding is both available. The welding quality is assured.
    • Both TIG and MIG welding equipment could be installed on one welding machine. The operator could select which welding equipment to be used according to his prefer.
  3. The strip material: Stainless strip or carbon steel strip.
  4. The strip width: 600-2000mm.
  5. The strip thickness: 1.5 - 6.0mm.
  6. A special welds shaper could be installed to cut out the welds crown on both sides of strip.
  7. The machine is made in Taiwan.
Issue Time:   2019-08-24
Expire Time:   2019-09-22

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