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Pearl Luster Pigments

Pearl Luster Pigments

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Subject Pearl Luster Pigments
Item No. VR22
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Chemical > Pigment > Pearl Coating

Detailed Product Description

Product No.: VR22
Product Information: Rose luster pearl essence!
Use: Work well with polyester relevant type for adding pearlescent luster!
Direction: Shake well and then add appropriate amount into resin!
Volume: 25 KG and 1 KG

Mineral characteristics: having the characteristics, suspended organic solvents is good.
To enhance the storage stability of the coating.

1. In buttons industry, it is used for bringing colorful shinning effect.
2. It can also be used as sheen decorative for accessories, such as hair clips.

Note: the image color representation may vary from screens and printers. Please refer the product for actual color representation.
Issue Time:   2019-09-15
Expire Time:   2020-04-07

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