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Dental Laser Treatment

Dental Laser Treatment

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Subject Dental Laser Treatment
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Many patients have recurrence of periodontal disease after treatment. Patients suffer from periodontal disease usually have gum recession and the teeth seems elongated. To restore patient’s confidence in having a radiant smile, full porcelain crown is customized with appropriate root and crown ratio. This particular clinical case with five years follow-up shows how dentition impacts one’s general health. Nutrients absorption is more efficient when food is thoroughly broken down to pieces. Have you noticed how the patient looks healthier with glowing skin after treatment? Before treatment patient had severe flaring teeth which was caused by continuous outward force exerted from various movements such as speaking, rinsing, and eating. His gum tissue becomes health and overall dental health is superb after five to six years of follow-up.

Patients suffer from diabetic and periodontal diseases and treated by Clinic chief officer Dr. Pan have exceeded hundreds. They were informed extraction was the only treatment by other dentists prior to their consultation with Dr. Pan. She did the exact opposite. She had not only saved their few precious natural teeth, but also restored their dentition both functionally and esthetically. Her innovated technique in periodontal disease rehabilitation with laser treatment allows her giving speech at various national and international dental conferences frequently. It is such wonderful news to have laser treatment integrated as part of the dental treatment.
Issue Time:   2020-02-18
Expire Time:   2020-03-26

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