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EMS Electrodes

EMS Electrodes

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Subject EMS Electrodes
Item No. 5-EP-5010-0
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Health,Beauty > Health Care Product > EMS Pads

Detailed Product Description

Specification: 50mm*100mm, pin connection design.

Appearance and Material of insulation backing: White nonwoven fabric.

Common applications of Electrotherapy:
Help to balance physiology, clean acupuncture meridian.
Promote blood circulation and improve metabolism of the body.
Relieve pain and soreness caused by muscle strain.
Improve from insomnia and strengthen digestive system.
Improve lymph backflow.
Improve and maintain body fitness.
Help exercising the muscle and removing body fat to keep body slim.

Please refer to the product description on webpage of model 5-EP-5050-5 for more information.
Issue Time:   2019-05-18
Expire Time:   2019-07-02

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