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Flyback Transformers

Flyback Transformers

Selling Parameters

Subject Flyback Transformers
Item No. EF Series
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Electronic,Electrical > Electronic Accessories > Flyback Transformer

Detailed Product Description

  • EF - 22/13, 26/16, 30/19, 36/22
  • Frequency : 20~400KHz.
  • The specification of Flyback Transformer is customization.
  • Samples in 5 days or less (without molds).
  • Meet international safety UL, CSA, VDE, CE.
  • Application : Power supply, Wireless LAN Controller , LED Lighting , Alarm system, UPS, VCD/DVD Players, LED Lighting, Audio & visual equipment, OA Machines etc.
Issue Time:   2020-01-12
Expire Time:   2020-09-21

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