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Fuel Oil Flow Meter

Fuel Oil Flow Meter

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Subject Fuel Oil Flow Meter
Item No. M168-2
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Mechanical Parts > Oil Flow Meter

Detailed Product Description


Weight 285g.
Diameter 1 "PT.
Volume 80X70X69mm.
Material plastic.
Working pressure 14 ~ 140PSI.
Working flow 1 ~ 100 (L / min).
Working temperature 1 ~ 50 ° C.
Display 0.001 ~ 9999 L.
Can be corrected, the maximum error of 1%.
Single batteries (AA).

Flowmeter can be used with a computer. The flowmeter output pulse signal can be connected to the computer which will be analysis and calculation to know the number of the liquid flow through. The central control system can be designed, that the computer will be connected to multiple flowmeter and every valves, it will can control the every valves and know the liquid flow through of every line of pipe. The core design of flowmeter is two oval gears which is specially designed. The oval gears will be turned by liquid when the liquid is passed through the flowmeter, and the magnet inside the oval gear will make the CPU know how much circle of oval gear turn. This kind of the oval gear flowmeter is very accurate, due to the number of liquid is fixed every the circle of oval gear turn. Please avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures, that the temperatures is must less than 50 degrees Celsius if not it can cause the LCD irreparable damage and the internal magnets to lose magnetism. We are a specialized in oil flow meter manufacturing factory. There are more than 25 years of experience we have, and the best service can be provided by us. We can provide products with stable quality and competitive price. Please contact us anytime if you want to know any information about oil flow meter. We will immediately reply and provide professional advice.
Issue Time:   2019-12-05
Expire Time:   2020-07-29

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