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High Pressure Hose

High Pressure Hose

Selling Parameters

Subject High Pressure Hose
Item No. P5200-7
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Mechanical Parts > Oil Delivery

Detailed Product Description

Model: P5200-7

Compression ratio 5:1
Air inlet connection F 1/4”PT
Oil outlet connection F 1/2”PT
Temperature oil delivered -10 ~ 50 ℃
Length suction tube 985 mm
Diameter suction tube Φ44 mm
Air pressure regulator 90~110PSI
Hose 1W 3/8”
Meter gun M168007
Hose reel F350 15M

P5200-7 is a complete oil transmission system of large drum, the diameter and length of suction pipe are suitable for large oil drum. The systems can be driven by a small air compressor just like any other pneumatic tools. The oil gun can be used by one hand to control the transmission on or off. The quantity of oil flow can be displayed by the flowmeter at any time, so too much or too little of oil transmission can be prevented, the work efficiency can be improved too. The hose can be recovered automatically by hose reel after using and the hose knotting can be prevented too. The core design of flowmeter is used two oval gears to calculate the oil flow. The oval gears will be turned once the oil is passed through the flowmeter, the magnet inside the oval gear can make the CPU know how much circle of oval gear turn to calculate number of oil pass. This kind of the oval gear flow meter is very accurate due to the number of oil is same every the circle of oval gear turn.
Issue Time:   2019-12-05
Expire Time:   2020-07-29


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