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Ceramic Frying Pan

Ceramic Frying Pan

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Subject Ceramic Frying Pan
Item No. FP-521FC-04
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Home Supplies > Cookware > Ceramic Cookware

Detailed Product Description

‧It takes a very short time to heat up and thus save energy. It can also keep your food warm for a longer time.

‧It is multifunctional and therefore can be used for frying, stewing and cooking food and will be more delicious and nutritional as all the natural flavour retains when cooked in the pot.

1.It is fine finishing with brand new designs which integrates the practicability & beauty.

2.It is durable. The lifespan is over ten times than other pots. It is easy to clean after using.

3. Material: High Heat-resistant ceramic

4. Remark:Colors, Shapes and Sizes can be customized
Issue Time:   2020-04-02
Expire Time:   2020-09-22

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