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Ceramic Fry Pan

Ceramic Fry Pan

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Subject Ceramic Fry Pan
Item No. FP-926FV-03
Supply Type General
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Categories Home Supplies > Cookware > Ceramic Cookware

Detailed Product Description

‧Superb heat up and cool down characteristic withstanding sudden change of temperature from 550C to 20 C; can be used directly on liquefied gas cooker, induction cooker and microwave oven.
‧Useable of cooking foods with either acidic or alkaline contents. As it is meticulously treated during production, there will not be any food poisoning resulting from lead & cadmium secretion from the pot as compared to other pots. It is also produced from top quality natural material that preserves all the nutrients of food cooked in it. Thus, to improve your health, we recommend that you constantly use this product for your cooking.

Issue Time:   2020-04-02
Expire Time:   2020-09-22

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