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Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner

Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner

Selling Parameters

Subject Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner
Item No. In-Adapter Ferrule Cleaner
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Electronic,Electrical > Electric Tool > Fiber Tools

Detailed Product Description

Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner (SC/ST/FC & LC/MU)
  • The One-click Cleaners are dry cloth cleaners specially designed to clean single fiber connectors residing in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead.
  • The dust cap of the cleaner acts as an adapter for cleaning unmated connectors.
  • Disposable with 800+ cleanings per unit, Made from antistatic resins
  • Easy pushing motion engages connector and initiates cleaner
  • Cleaning micro fibers are densely stranded and debris free
  • Extendable tip reaches recessed connectors
  • Compliant with EU/95/2002/EC Directive(RoHS)

PART# Applicable Optical Connectors
ACA-250C One-Click Cleaner SC (SC, ST,FC)
ACA-125C One-Click Cleaner LC (LC/MU)

Issue Time:   2021-08-02
Expire Time:   2021-09-24

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