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Fiber Optic Cleaning Sticks

Fiber Optic Cleaning Sticks

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Subject Fiber Optic Cleaning Sticks
Item No. Fiber Optic Cleaning Sticks
Supply Type General
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Categories Electronic,Electrical > Electric Tool > Fiber Tools

Detailed Product Description

These specially built sticks come in 2.5mm and 1.25mm versions. They are designed for dry cleaning fiber optic connector mating sleeves, bulkhead adapters and receptacles. Suitable for cleaning inside adaptors due to dust control, Delivers a consistently high level of cleaning performance.

Fiber tool Cleaning Sticks
  • Easy to clean ferrule end-faces inside the plug-in fiber-optic connectors and various adaptors.
  • Lightweight and safe to use. Compact and disposable
  • No adhesives, binders, or fibers to leave residues
  • CS-125(1.25mm)
  • 10 per Package, 200pcs/box

Deluxe FO Cleaning Sticks

  • A high-purity, lint-free, precision swab for cleaning fiber optic end-faces, Provides outstanding particle entrapment, does not generate particles.
  • Efficient and safe swab for cleaning fiber optic backplane bulkhead.

Double-Tipped Cleaning Sticks

  • Double-Tipped Sticks for easy to use and efficient, high absorbency swab removes dust and other contaminants, Variety of options to meet the special requirements of users.
  • DTS-125 (Type: 1.25/2.5 mm sticks)
  • DTS-225 (Type: 2.0/2.5 mm sticks)
Issue Time:   2020-01-20
Expire Time:   2020-09-21

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