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Slotted Screwdrivers

Slotted Screwdrivers

Selling Parameters

Subject Slotted Screwdrivers
Item No. MHSSL
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Hardware Tool > Screw Drivers

Detailed Product Description

Slotted screwdriver with hex. shoulder
1. One-piece forged round blade with hex. shoulder.
2. Blade material: SNCM.
3. Surface finishing: Chrome plating with black tip.
4. Non-slip ergonomic designed grip.
5. Grip material: PP + TPR.
6. Blade and grip is plastic injection combination.
7. Fast delivery.
8. Resistant to mechanical wear.
9. Blades with hex-bolster for higher torque values.
10. TPR surface finished can prevent rust and corrosion, and color are available.

Item No.Width x Length
Width x Length
Blade Diameter
A.F. of Hexagon
Grip Length
MHS55075SL5.5 x 757/32 x 3Ø 5.08115
MHS55100SL5.5 x 1007/32 x 4Ø 5.08115
MHS55125SL5.5 x 1257/32 x 5Ø 5.08115
MHS65100SL6.5 x 1001/4 x 4Ø 6.010115
MHS65125SL6.5 x 1251/4 x 5Ø 6.010115
MHS65150SL6.5 x 1501/4 x 6Ø 6.010115
MHS80150SL8.0 x 1505/16 x 6Ø 8.013125
MHS80200SL8.0 x 2005/16 x 8Ø 8.013125

Issue Time:   2021-07-30
Expire Time:   2021-12-18

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