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Gel Shoe Insole

Gel Shoe Insole

Selling Parameters

Subject Gel Shoe Insole
Item No. Gel insole-04
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Minerals,Materials > Household Items > Gel Insoles

Detailed Product Description

SIZE: 100 * 27 * 3mm
Features: Gel insole
  • Reduce the pressure and absorb the shake of Heel Pads.
  • Disperse the pressure of foot.
  • Reduce the pressure of heel and make your feet healthy.
  • Prevent the injury of heel.
  • No pressure while walking.
  • Prevent the thenar angles inside by design of wave gel.
Issue Time:   2020-06-04
Expire Time:   2020-07-03

Keywords: Gel Insoles  Gel Shoe Insole   

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