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Suitcase Zippers

Suitcase Zippers

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Subject Suitcase Zippers
Item No. CLCF8D
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Apparel,Fashion > Garments Accessories > Luggage Zipper

Detailed Product Description

Bag and luggage security zippers (Anti-theft zipper)
Application: Luggage, Travel Bag, Bag

1. Suitable for travel bags
2. Double Coil Tough Zipper with double side teeth is sewing two chains up-and-down on one single tape.  It prevents from force opening by sharp objects.
3.  Sewing two chains up-and-down has the same tensions between double side chains to reduce the resistance while moving the slider.
4. Slider plating : normal plating & shiny hang plating.
5. Worldwide patent
6. Meet BS3084 Grade E resistance to reciprocation 8000 times.
8. Origin of Country: China & Vietnam

#8 (double layer teeth width 7.3~7.4mm)
Issue Time:   2020-07-06
Expire Time:   2021-06-04

Keywords: Luggage Zipper  Suitcase Zippers   

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