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Metal Targets

Metal Targets

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Subject Metal Targets
Item No. ST18
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Categories Minerals,Materials > Other Mineral,Material > Metal Sputter

Detailed Product Description

A method of manufacturing metal silicide targets or alloy targets for sputtering use comprises the steps of (a) mechanically alloying silicon and a metal to provide a metal silicide powder or mechanically alloying silicon and a plurality of metal powders to provide an alloy powder, (b) and then pressing the metal silicide powder or alloy powder. The invention also relates to the metal silicide targets or alloy targets so manufactured. In the mechanical alloying step, rapid and fine division and agglomeration of the mixed powder is repeated until the particles of the material powders are finely divided to a submicron level. They form aggregates tens of microns in diameter. The aggregates gradually take an equi-axed shape. Homogenization of the material powder mixture progresses to mixing on the atomic level, until alloying takes place.

Customization specification
Purity: 99.995%
Density: 8.908g/cm3
Melting point:1,455°C
Application: Film material

Issue Time:   2019-12-04
Expire Time:   2020-05-17

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