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Professional Paper Trimmer

Professional Paper Trimmer

Selling Parameters

Subject Professional Paper Trimmer
Item No. KW-3042
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Office Supplies > Office Equipment > Paper Trimmer

Detailed Product Description

Cutting Length: 460mm
Cutting Height: 4.0mm
Blade Type: Knife
Clamp: Automatic
Blade Guard: ABS shield
Knife Lock: Yes
Format Indication: A6 – A3
Table Size (WxD): 545 x 382 mm
Dimensions (W x D*H): 730 x 394 x 625 mm
Weight: 4.93 kg
Color: Blue or Sliver

Issue Time:   2023-06-05
Expire Time:   2023-11-09

Keywords: Paper Trimmer   

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