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Fire Alarm Control Unit

Fire Alarm Control Unit

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Subject Fire Alarm Control Unit
Item No. YF-1-5L
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Security,Protection > Fire Fighting Product > Alarm Valve

Detailed Product Description

Two Phase Accumulation Function:
Circuit detection requires a period of accumulation time to confirm and reset the detector for second phase accumulation detection. This function can eliminate circuit interference and false reporting, as well as increase the reliability of the control unit.

Stand-by Battery Protection:
As blackout and stand-by power is under DC18V, discharge will be stopped automatically to extend battery life.

Surge Protection Device:

The power module with surge protection device avoids abnormal high voltage or power surge caused any damage.

Strictly Quality Control:
All components are approval by CE and CNS quality certification. All units must pass strictly quality inspection before shipment to ensure durable performance as expected.

Abnormal Voltage Detection:
With abnormal voltage detection indicating function displays over-high or over-low voltage.

User-friendly Design:
Interior circuit board is module designed and external lines are separated by the terminal board, besides, with protection design on input terminal. If a faulty power is connected to the circuit board and caused breakdown, just replace the circuit board. Do not need to disassemble external wires. This way can increase maintenance efficiency.

Exterior Design:
The unit circuit display uses high quality heat-resistant plastic material with elegance appearance. Easy to identify building, floor and circuit information with nameplate indicator.

Other Application:
The unit is available to combine with our broadcast host and emergency phone into a 3-in-1 system which looks and performs like a unity and enhancing the appearance.

External Dimension:



No of Zone

















Power Supply:

AC110V 50/60HZ AC220V 50/60HZ

Standby Battery:

DC 24V

Charging Voltage:

DC 26V below 450mA,fixed voltage trickle charging

Zone Voltage:

DC 24V operating voltage 5V below 32mA

External Zone Resistance:

to-and-fro below 50Ω


No Limit for Rate of Rise / Fixed temperature heat detector, below 30 units per zone for smoke detector (DC 24V 45μA)

EOL Resistors:


Number of Indicators:

1.2 times of panel zones (LED indicator)

Number of Bells:

1.2 times of panel zones

Case Material:

1.2 mm~2.0 mm steel plate

Main Audio:

single tone BUZZER above 85dB

Facility Contact:

No voltage NO contact, capacity AC 150V 7A x 2set

Issue Time:   2020-11-28
Expire Time:   2021-09-25

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