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Cup Sealer Machine

Cup Sealer Machine

Selling Parameters

Subject Cup Sealer Machine
Item No. ED-204 Series
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Food,Beverages > Food,Beverage Processing Equipment > Cup Sealing Machine

Detailed Product Description

Desk-Top Box Sealing Machine
* Suitable for small productivity
* Suitable for take-away food or beverage application to ensure the product hygiene
* Small space requirement
* Suitable for any shape of container
* Economic price
* Sensor available to prevent any possible danger
* Mechanical design for stable movement
* Auto box lifting device
* All kind of material such as plastic, paper is suitable for sealing
* Suitable for any kind of box with rim or without rim for heat heating

* Disposable box food, box lunch, or any kind of box package etc.

Foil type:
* Roll type

* 450 box/min (1 box)

* Date coder (for roll foil)
* Micro-computer control system
* 2 boxes, 3 boxes, 4 boxes at one time is available
Issue Time:   2021-07-20
Expire Time:   2021-09-19

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