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Bottle Sealing Equipment

Bottle Sealing Equipment

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Subject Bottle Sealing Equipment
Item No. RCR-S (Roll Foil)
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Food,Beverages > Food,Beverage Processing Equipment > Seal Machine

Detailed Product Description

Rotary Type Cup Filling & Sealing Machine
* For fabrication of disposable cup food products.
* Suitable for automatic operation with low or medium productivity.
* Friendly operation
* Compact construction for space saving
* Robust structure with stainless steel to ensure rust-free performance and to meet sanitary criteria
* All stainless steel construction of fluid path components to avoid corrosion problem
* Rotary intermittent movement with 8-stations cup carrier disc.
* Heat treated aluminum cup carrier molds to increase hardness for durable life
* Cup magazine and auto cup loading device
* Foil magazine and auto foil loading device
* Adjustable temperature controlled sealing for firmness assurance
* Continuous and manual control functions for various applications
* Integrated with automatic cup loading, filling, foil cutting-loading- sealing functions
* Finish products discharging devices, easy to connect output conveyor or other customer’s demands.
* Waste foil after sealing is collected automatically by rewinding wheel to ensure cleaner working environment.
* Easy to clean and maintain.
* Easy to integrate into relevant turnkey line.

* Food of cup packaging: instant coffee powder, milk powder, snack, tea leave etc.

Filling systems:
* Measuring cup
* Auger
* Weighting scale

* Date coder (for roll foil)
* External guard
* Outfeed conveyer
* Top cover pick-place-press system
* No Cup No Fill function (The filling and sealing will not perform automatically in case of lacking cups.)
* Rotary type intermittent motion with 12 stations.
* Fully electrical control without pneumatic power (to eliminate contamination problem from air) is available as option.
Issue Time:   2020-01-15
Expire Time:   2020-09-16

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