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Anti Aging Skin Treatment

Anti Aging Skin Treatment

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Subject Anti Aging Skin Treatment
Item No. COF-9
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Categories Health,Beauty > Skin Care Product > Anti Aging Treatment

Detailed Product Description

Product Specifications:
Miracle! Instant anti-wrinkle cream is a strong formula to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from the skin base. Suitable for the users who eager to reduce the fine lines such as fine lines around the eyes, laugh lines or other wrinkles from facial expressions. The wrinkles are not only instantly reduced but also tightened up to recover smooth, young skin.

Testing Results: 27 female volunteers (age: 40 to 65)
16% * reduction of fine lines & wrinkles compared to placebo after only 28 days *p<0.05

Fast action:
Pro-Fiber Anti-wrinkle cream provides a significant reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after only 28 days.

Main 3 technology ingredients:
1. India golden button - herbal botulinus: relax your facial expression.
2. Wrinkles diminished instantly - marine algae extract essence: reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, improve moisturizing effect and smooth skin.
3. Hexapeptide collagen - Re-establish the skin mechanism: improve collagen growth, mend the wrinkle from the skin base, firm the skin.
Issue Time:   2020-06-05
Expire Time:   2021-04-02

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