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Drop Test

Drop Test

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Subject Drop Test
Item No. VS-1019
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Meter,Instrument > Drop Tester

Detailed Product Description

  • This tester is pneumatic controlled that makes the controlling accurately. Maximum payload: 300Kg; test height: 0-130cm; support arm size: 100x100 cm; power source: 220V, single phase; pneumatic requirement: higher than 5kg/cm2.
  • Escalate mechanism: adopt motor drive to adjust height.
  • Testing angles: to drop the package based on its corner, face, and edge.
  • Protecting switches: used to prevent the collision of tester’s mechanical parts from moving over the upper and lower limits of guiding rod.
  • Tape measure: 100 cm tape measure is used to cope with indicator in reading the practical elevating and lowing height instantly.
  • Bear plate: 3-5 frames a set and all adopt aluminum alloy for anti-oxidation and drops with small noise.
  • Control button: adopts button-typed magnetic switch that allows the bear plate to fall automatically when pushing “DROP” button and also to adjust its height.
  • Screw rod: adopts cylindrical screw rod design for smoothing up and down movement of bear plate.
  • Control box: the control box is separated from the machine to prevent the operator from injury during the dropping of testing sample
  • Guiding rod : three ψ150㎜ grinding rods used to prevent drop tester from swinging around.
  • Horizontal level: there are four horizontal level used to adjust plane level of the base.
Issue Time:   2020-01-21
Expire Time:   2020-02-03

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