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Vibration Test System

Vibration Test System

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Subject Vibration Test System
Item No. VS-600VH
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Meter,Instrument > Vibration Tester

Detailed Product Description

  • The model differs from capable Newton force. Please call us or e-mail us for the detailed specification.
  • The high stiffness and light mass of armature reduce the scope of wasted Newton force (the axis resonance frequency of armature is above 4000Hz). It produces higher vibration acceleration and wider useful frequency range.
  • Unique air spring support design provides high loading capacity; suspension system provides high anti-eccentric moment capacity.
  • Shaker adopts dual magnetic circuits design. The spray magnetic field can be avoided.
  • Dual vibration isolation system composed of air spring and laminated rubber creates excellent vibration isolation without installation of foundation works.
  • Drive coil designed with low resistance can increase tester’s working efficiency while reduce electricity cost and thus create high reliability with low malfunction rate.
  • The tester adopts computer connection control to achieve effective and precise control along with the display of control curve, immediate data saving and unlimited memory space.
  • All the control parameters such as vibration frequency, displacement, velocity, acceleration, testing duration and etc are easy to set and are under operators’ monitor through display while in operation.
  • The tester can print colored testing report, prepare text, save and transmit testing data.
  • The tester is equipped with 18 fault indications on fault indicator such as over voltage, over current, over temperature, over displacement, no signal, and etc to compose protection circuit that alarms the operators of the abnormal status.
  • Our company provides dynamic analysis onto fixtures to ensure the accuracy of testing.
  • Applicable norms: IEC 60068-2-6, 34; ISTA; MIL-STD-810E, 202F, 1344F; ASTM; EIA RS-364-28F; JIS D1601; SAE; CNS-3629.
Issue Time:   2020-01-21
Expire Time:   2020-12-27

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