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Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors

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Subject Motion Detectors
Item No. ET-DMD3363
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No matter what sophisticated application you need, from outdoor and pet-friendly digital motion detectors to analogue motion detectors, the EASTEC motion detectors integrate advanced features and patented technologies to provide a high level of detection and false alarm prevention. Whatever the application, EASTEC motion detectors will meet your needs and beyond your imaginary.For high-security applications need, our digital motion detectors perform direct analog to digital conversion of the PIR sensor's signal using a high-speed microprocessor-based digital IC. A software-driven process then converts, amplifies and processes the sensor's low-level signal in the digital domain without any analog circuit. Thus, saturation, loss of data and noise are no longer existence. This unique technology increased accuracy, reliability and superior false alarm immunity.Digital Auto Pulse Signal Processing transforms the signal energy to a pulse output to decide if the progression of the detected occurrence corresponds to an alarm condition. Energy from the signals are measured and stored in memory until a minimum level is reached. The processor then rejects signals that do not meet its required specifications for generating an alarm.In the past when using curtain detectors, the occupants have to lose freedom of movement within the premises, because they have to avoid triggering an alarm when entering the protected area. Now problem solved. *Two separate outputs*Inward motion alarm relay*Bidirectional motion detection relay*Adjustable return timer*2 color LED indicating inward and outward motion*Microprocessor controlled*Wall and ceiling mounted*Auto Temperature Compensation*Auto Pulse Control*Fire resistant casing
Issue Time:   2020-07-09
Expire Time:   2021-01-14


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