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Healthy Meatballs

Healthy Meatballs

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Subject Healthy Meatballs
Item No. MB-04
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Food,Beverages > Frozen Food > Meat Balls

Detailed Product Description

Hairei R & D of health series carry the pill, the finest of Chinese accession to carry the pills, each one carries the fragrance of angelica, wolfberry, and whole pieces of sweet, so that each meatball can enjoy the natural ingredients of the original shows delicious, and enjoying the food while also keeping in good health.
Ingredients: upper black pork, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese angelica, salt, seasoning
weight: 600 ± 10 g
validity: 130 days
Storage: -18 ° C low temperature
Issue Time:   2019-09-16
Expire Time:   2019-10-15

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