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Bike Light Sets

Bike Light Sets

Selling Parameters

Subject Bike Light Sets
Item No. T3
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Automobile > Bicycle,Bicycle Part > Bike Light Set

Detailed Product Description

Size: 22.8cm*7.5cm*3.2cm
Main weight: 278g (battery included)
Weight of quick release prop: 113.5 g (bolt included)
Available color: white, red, pink, black, green, and gold
LCD sceen: touch panel
Front light: high power 3v (3 pcs), more than 800cd
Turn signal: 8 broadband and high-power yellow LED
Accessory: quick release prop
1860 lithium battery: 3.7v4400mah (isolated chip and anti-explosion PCB included)
Recharge method: USB
Optional: outer type dual power supply battery charger (110v*220v)

Functions of front light "T3":
1. 2.4g 2-step wireless turn signal: glistening & marquee (for safety)
2. 2.4g 2-step wireless speed meter: kilometer & mile
3. Auto sensitive switching system: high power (more than 800cd), meets German norms
4. Calorie indicator
5. Gradient indicator
6. Mileage indicator
7. Time indicator
8. 2-step temperature indicator: Centigrade & Fahrenheit
9. Auto sensitive LCD screen with white back light
10. Multi-functional water proof touch panel
11. USB charge method
12. Lithium battery: 3.7v4400mah (eco-friendly)
13. Quick release prop
Issue Time:   2021-08-02
Expire Time:   2021-10-02

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