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19 Patch Panel

19 Patch Panel

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Subject 19 Patch Panel
Item No. 19" Cable Management Panel
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Electronic,Electrical > Electric Wire,Cable > Network Patch Panel

Detailed Product Description

Product Description
Surface mount boxes with modular jacks are ideal for cost effective surface terminations. These boxes are available in single or dual outlet versions complete with Cat.5e or Cat.6 jacks. single outlet size is 48 x 65 mm; dual outlet size is 76 x 65 mm. A snap-on cover with designation areas for icons/tabs and write-on label encloses components. Cable tie anchor points allow secure strain relief for cable. Spring loaded shutter doors for added protection from dust and other contaminants

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Single Port


Dual Port

Issue Time:   2021-07-26
Expire Time:   2022-06-24

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