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Container Cosmetics

Container Cosmetics

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Subject Container Cosmetics
Item No. 033-A
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Health,Beauty > Beauty Cosmetic > Makeup Container

Detailed Product Description

The color of this container is tin silver. It can be placed one kind of powder (usually foundation or blusher), a powder brush and a mirror. The box designed with the same color. Also, the powder box is rectangular. The four angles are all obtuse and the edges are all circular. The smooth lines make the product a pretty and lovely temperature. It is very suitable for ladies or young girls and portable because of its size.


  Material: AS+ABS

  Dimension: 91.5x59x16.1mm          

Issue Time:   2019-01-18
Expire Time:   2020-01-02

Keywords: Makeup Container  Container Cosmetics   

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