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Automotive Current Tester

Automotive Current Tester

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Subject Automotive Current Tester
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Categories Automobile > Auto Maintenance > Ignition Tester

Detailed Product Description

Current leakage catcher
It's always trouble to check the leakage of coils.

To check the leaks, use the Ignition Leak Checker to probe the high tension cables whether there is any high voltage leakage or not.

If there is a high voltage leakage, a visible spark is noticed and the Ignition Leak Checker indicator LED will blink simultaneously.

Safety Precautions
To prevent accidents that could possibly result in serious injury and/or damage to vehicles and/or test equipment, carefully observe all safety rules and test procedures when working on vehicles.

  1. When the engine is running, it produces carbon monoxide, a toxic and poisonous gas. Always operate the vehicle in a well ventilated area. Do not breathe exhaust gases – they are hazardous that can lead to death if inhaled in excessive amount.
  2. Fuel and battery vapors are highly flammable. DO NOT SMOKE NEAR THE VEHICLE DURING TESTING
  3. Before starting the engine for testing or trouble shooting, always make sure the parking brakes are firmly engaged. Put the transmission in Park (automatic transmission) and Neutral (manual transmission).
  4. Always block the drive wheels. Never leave vehicle unattended while testing.
  5. Engine parts become very hot when the engine has been run for awhile even tough it was switched OFF. To prevent severe burns, avoid contact with hot engine parts.
  6. Never lay tools on vehicle battery. You may short the terminals together causing harm to yourself, the tools or the battery.
  7. When the engine is running, be cautious when working around the ignition coil, distributor cap, ignition wires and spark plugs. They are HIGH VOLTAGE components that can cause electrical Shock.

Always keep a fire extinguisher readily available and easily accessible in the workshop
Issue Time:   2019-01-22
Expire Time:   2019-05-03

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