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Led Stroboscope

Led Stroboscope

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Subject Led Stroboscope
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Categories Automobile > Auto Maintenance > Car Circuit Tester

Detailed Product Description

LED Stroboscope Set
The thin and sharp end of this needle can go deep into a variety of  terminal or connector on the car or any electric circuit and measuring voltage, frequency, resistance or any other information you want to know with mulitmeter or oscilloscope. The needle is made by High-carbon steel, it is high tenacity and won't break or deform easily.  But the user still need to be carefurl during the test. It's a very useful tool for checking issue. The Led stroboscope could show the signal from terminal by working with needle sets and then judge whether component breaks down.
The Led stroboscope can withstand 12 volts and still work while positive and negative are reverse connecting. It will show green light while connect correctly(connect the red side to positive, black side to negative). It will light red light to show the alarm when you reverse connect positive and negative.  The Led stroboscope is not break down easily and destroyed by high volt.
Although base on our design, it is security and credibility. But we will still suggest the user to be careful when inserting or piercing the wire to avoid injuring your fingers due to its hardened sharp pointedend.
Issue Time:   2019-01-22
Expire Time:   2019-05-03

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