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Collated Nails

Collated Nails

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Subject Collated Nails
Item No. Collated-1
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Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Hardware Parts > Collated Screws

Detailed Product Description

Collated screw is suitable for the sheet attached to wood or steel reinforced construction fasteners on widely used for decoration, furniture industry and other packaging options. Collated screws have the characteristics including drilling continuously, labor reduction, improve efficiency, easy to construction, safe and reliable. Therefore, it is widely popular in relatively high labor costs countries such as: the United States, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Head: trumpet head.
Surface: gray phosphate, black phosphate.
Cr3+ zinc plated/yellow zinc plated
Cr6+ zinc plated/yellow zinc plated
Dacromate 500/1000h, ruspert 1000h

Screws major diameter size:
Dia: #6~#8 and 3.5mm~4.2mm
Length: 1"~3" and 25mm~75mm
Issue Time:   2018-12-09
Expire Time:   2019-08-27

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