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USB Adapter Keyboard

USB Adapter Keyboard

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Subject USB Adapter Keyboard
Item No. FSS301
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Categories Computer,Software > Computer Hardware > Smartphone Security

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Cloud Security Adaptor
To arrive the last stop –A safe bridge to your PC

With the development of time, technology has made individual are overly dependent on the online from PC to Smartphone and face-to-face communication have been replaced, especially e-mail, community sites and online shopping. However, it may become the hackers’ target when users register its ID and password. Be careful, it may lead to outflow the personal information if you do not use the software or hardware of Antivirus to protect your account. Therefore, opro9 creates a unique encryption device only for PC used, Cloud Security Adaptor, which can connect with normal keyboard and become dual protection for your account by both software and hardware.

Cloud Security Adaptor has an exclusive encryption systems, which get a certificate by NIST and it combines software to protect your data. This Adaptor can automatically encrypt and protect the user's account as well as it is effective to prevent the hacker to steal your ID and Password even though users use online shopping via online credit card to buy it. Hence, to avoid stealing your account by hackers, opro9 creates Cloud Security Adaptor to protect the personal privacy and users can key the ID number and password more safety.

Issue Time:   2018-12-10
Expire Time:   2019-02-09

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