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Seamless Underwear

Seamless Underwear

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Subject Seamless Underwear
Item No. Menstruation Underwear_3
Supply Type General
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Categories Apparel,Fashion > Underwear > Menstruation Underwear

Detailed Product Description

In a period cycle, Menstrual Underwear give you:
* Heavy Period Protection - Stops Leaks and Stains
* Suitable for day or night
* Great for the post natal period
* Great for travelling!
* Durable, reusable and discreet
* Feels like normal underwear
* Stain Resistant
* Flexible waist, meets the changes of waist and belly during activity, 360 degree fits the body curve and freely adjusts the tightness.
* Soft, breathable and cloth-like outer cover, being quiet, discreet and comfortable.
* S-curve crotch cuffs with unique three-dimensional design are unobtrusive and discreet under normal clothing, maximizing dignity and minimizing hassle.
Issue Time:   2019-02-19
Expire Time:   2019-06-16

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