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Painless Dentist

Painless Dentist

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The clinic chief officer, Dr. Sara Pan has practiced for ten years. She is frequently invited as a speaker at national and international dental conference for her superb technique. Not only as a member of council at Academy of Taiwan Cosmetic and Implant and a committee for specialized dental qualification board, she also has a mater degree in Chinese Calligraphy and a doctorate degree in Natural Medicine at Beijing Normal University.

She has had enormous enthusiasm for art since she was a little girl. Her thoroughness in diagnosis only allows her to accommodate three to six cases on daily basis and it depends on how challenging and severe and case is. During the initial diagnosis, she will observe patient’s facial expression in detail such as facial asymmetry, occlusal line inclination when smile, etc. Patient’s physical appearance needs to be observed first in order to understand how it effect and cause dental problem. Dr. Pan said: “Throughout the procedure, I treat every patient’s dentition like an art piece. To satisfy patient’s request, every movement has to be perfect upon completion, whether it is active or still.” Patients often show their gratitude with gifts or cards after treatment. “This is where I find my fulfillment and I know they are pleased with the treatment.” said Dr. Pan.
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