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Teeth Correction

Teeth Correction

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Subject Teeth Correction
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It all depends on each individual status of patient’s teeth and how fast the teeth could be moved to calculating how much time it will take to finish its teeth correction. Alveolar bone and the status of gingival are one of the key factors. If these two factors don’t work coordinately, it will increase the time and the cost. Averagely, it will take 2 or 2 and half years to finish full correcting treatment. Partial correcting treatment only takes around half year.
The cost of teeth correction in Magic Dental depends on the difficulty of teeth correction and the different correctors. We offer traditional corrector, new Damon corrector, Invisalign invisible corrector, lingual appliance corrector and etc.

There is one particular part of our teeth correction treatment; not only increase applying low energy treatment, but also treat each patient as an art with discussion of teeth correction specialty Dr. Ton(童元釔) to see if there is any possibilities.
From the outside appearance to internal health, these two important factors are one of their main objects they talk about each case.
Issue Time:   2018-12-13
Expire Time:   2019-03-24

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