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Gum Bleaching

Gum Bleaching

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Subject Gum Bleaching
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Melanin removing laser treatment, Gum whitening for short. The color of healthy gum should be pink. Darker gum is not only effect the appearance and easily to misidentify smoking or drinking.
Traditional treatment for melanin need to apply “gingival curettage”. Apply scalpel directly on your gingival to remove melanin. Anesthesia during surgery is needed. Bleeding, large wound after treatment, lots of pain, special wound care, easy infection, 10 to 14 days recovering time from wound, and feeding problem are all the side effects. Dr. Sara Pan applies the latest “Waterlaser for gum whitening” to remove dark gingival, and to stimulate the gum tissue regeneration. No anesthesia is needed, low bleeding, no swelling and no uncomfortable. Only need 3 to 6 day to recover from wound, and it could be normal feeding after treatment.
Issue Time:   2018-12-13
Expire Time:   2019-03-24

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