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Smoke Air Filter

Smoke Air Filter

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Subject Smoke Air Filter
Item No. FC:440W10
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Automobile > Auto Parts > Oil Filter

Detailed Product Description

(1).Reduce toxin in cigarette
(2).green health smoking
(3).Environmental protection
(4).professional factory

*Note: Catalyst at 300 ℃, gas and odor can be completely transformed, the engine load when the winter or cold regions must have the auxiliary heater in order to purify the SOOT, gas, odor, to achieve real environmental protection.

—Suitable for use in engine displacement 44 liters (included below).
—Can be based on exhaust outlet size at engine hookup to adjust the exhaust gas purifier of the outlet size and inlet size.
Issue Time:   2019-01-16
Expire Time:   2019-10-28

Keywords: Oil Filter   

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