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Anti-reflective Coating Glass

Anti-reflective Coating Glass

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Subject Anti-reflective Coating Glass
Item No. SG-2
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Categories Chemical > Glass,Glass Product > Solar Glass

Detailed Product Description

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Anti-reflective coating low iron glass (Low iron patterned glass with AR coating)
Our anti-reflective coating low iron glass developed is a kind of product formed relying on the world's leading technology and equipment after the surface of high-transmitting ultra-clear solar glass is plated with one layer of anti-reflection film before the glass is tempered. Such glass can well effectively reduce the reflectance of glass surface and improve transmittance, so as to raise the conversion efficiency of modules and improve the output power of PV modules. Besides, it can self-clean the surface. It is the world's advanced technology and product.

* The roller coating equipment introduced from foreign countries is one of domestic existing advanced equipment used to produce AR coated glass, which can precisely control the crest position of anti-reflection curve of AR membrane with the error range of 50nm;

* The coating chamber's cleanliness reaches the ten thousand level, with adjustable temperature between 15℃~40℃ and adjustable humidity between 20%~80%;

* The highest temperature of the pre-toughening furnace can reach 280℃, able to meet the production demand under various technological conditions.

Issue Time:   2018-12-09
Expire Time:   2019-11-15

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