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Fitness Pants

Fitness Pants

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Subject Fitness Pants
Item No. 2012102B
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Apparel,Fashion > Underwear > Bra Vest

Detailed Product Description

High elasticity、pelvis fifth pants / fitness pants /carry buttock pants
The features of this style:
Wide basin bone, have rounder stomachs, pail waist, the elephant leg destroy!
In view of the above the shape defect to design out, shape your body effect, especially for wide bone strong correction function oh! Quality is so good!
This product has pelvic corrective action. Because pelvic skew can lead to distortion of the back position, resulting in reduced metabolism. So it can cause obesity, the symptom such as variant. This product also has powerful carry buttock abdomen in function, make hip and bring structure out beautiful buttocks. The wear part is from the abdomen to chest, can reduce extra fat much better. When you wear, the tight design makes you feel comfortable and cheerful. Knees in soft materials in under the action of when won't produce friction cause discomfort, so that you will not feel flabby thigh meat sloshing, It can make ham muscle tight and elastic.
Material: Material: nylon 85% spandex 2% 13% cotton
Color: black /nude
Size: M waist 64 ~ 77 cm/hip circumference 87 ~ 100 cm
L waist 69 ~ 85 cm/hip circumference 92 ~ 105 cm
Issue Time:   2019-02-19
Expire Time:   2019-12-01

Keywords: Bra Vest   

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