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Casting Polyurethane

Casting Polyurethane

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Subject Casting Polyurethane
Item No. Polyester Type
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Construction > Construction Material > Polyurethane Castings

Detailed Product Description

polyurethane moulding  & polyurethane casting
Casting polyurethane & moulding polyurethane are a kind of Polyurethane Elastomers special design and construction materials combining many of the advantages of rigid plastics, metals and ceramics with the extensibility of rubber.

(c) Polyester type prepolymer for elastomer

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Issue Time:   2018-12-10
Expire Time:   2019-03-13

Keywords: Casting Polyurethane  Polyurethane Castings  Polyurethane Molding  

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