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Packaging Labelling

Packaging Labelling

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Subject Packaging Labelling
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Supply Type General
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Detailed Product Description

Product labels include customized labels for industrial use, self-adhesive products, logos, labels for 3C products, screen-printed labels, nameplates, UL labels, anti-UV labels, labels for cleanrooms, labels for printing serial numbers, labels for quality assurance, labels for product delivery, signs for pipelines in factories, safety labels, double-layer labels, blank barcode labels, “FRAGILE” or “WARRANTY VOID IF SEAL REMOVED” labels, seal labels, gold foil labels, static labels, thermal labels, freezer and cold storage labels, glow-in-the-dark labels, labels for computer printers. We also provide services for printing barcodes on labels and processing special materials. Our labels can be made of various materials and have wide applications. Suitable for gold foil, partial glossing, embossing, and printing on serial numbers and barcodes.
Issue Time:   2019-01-18
Expire Time:   2019-04-05

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