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Bath Mats Non Slip

Bath Mats Non Slip

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Subject Bath Mats Non Slip
Item No. NSBM-02
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Detailed Product Description

Material : TPE(Thermal Plastic Elastomer)
Size : 45cm x 60cm x 2mm,about 800gm ( L x W x T )
Customized sizes/colors or designs are available.
1. This product has been manufactured with environmentally conscientious science and technology. It is made using a high-grade and high-density polymeric material TPE. It has many advantages and is quite different as compared to conventional rubber anti-slip flooring tiles.
2. This product has extremely good grip to stop slipping. It is also heavy enough (density =1.50g/cm3) to be fixed securely without movement.
3. This product functions superbly to prevent slipping under dry and wet conditions.
4. This product is safe, reliable, and of high quality. The contained material has a patented function of moisture absorption by unique textile fibers. These fibers guide the water film to disperse rapidly and achieve anti-skid effect under wet conditions.
5. This product also can absorb some grease microscopically, enhancing its anti-skid properties in wet and greasy conditions.
6. This product is very easy to maintain. Cleaning this product requires only a brushing and then a gentle rinsing with water and any generic cleanser.
7. This product is completely recyclable and is environmentally friendly.
8. This product does not contain any heavy metal or halogenated ingredients (such as PVC). The manufacturing of this product conforms to the world strict standards for environmental protection.
9. This product comes in many colors. On the contrary, general anti-skid mats come only in one color.
10. This product does not have the typical smell of rubber.
11. The density of this product is heavier than the water. Thus, it won’t be floated while it is placed in water.
12. This product has a wide scope of applications: inside/outside of bathtubs, showers, swimming pools, under rugs, or any place where anti-skid is needed.
Issue Time:   2018-12-09
Expire Time:   2019-05-15

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